run a low budget expeditional research vessel


 A low budget research vessel to share ideas, find simple and cheap solutions for ecological and sociological challenges, for example oceanic acidification, climate change, help low incomed young scientist by given the opportunity of a very affordable or free laboratory/HQ for fieldwork, working together with local communities...


Small scaled primary projects heading to a happy and sustanieable world


 Practicable, organic, open-source methods. Education of coastal people have a keyrole to make a wide scaled different.  Make awarness on sustaienable fishing, community based marine transportation,  and aquacultures vs depleting soils can be a main project targeted to the developed and developing countries too.


Climate Change

Climate change is endangering not only our cities, but has much more dangerous effects to marine ecosystems. Burning fossil fuels, deforestation is responsible for rising CO2 level in the atmosphere. That CO2 mainly responsible for climate change, and oceanic acidification. Marine ecosystems, coral reefs for example, as rainforests are a more billion years old genetic library of our planet. They have key-role in surviving life on Earth. 

We have to reducing carbondioxide from the atmosphere and the waters, we have to stop destroying rainforests and other ecosystems by find new ( ancient ) raw materials for foods, medicines, and new places to cultivate instead destroying forests for the land based agriculture.



Solution - Simplicity


I dreamed up a way like the man from India, who planted a 1360 acres forest alone. Or did You hear abut Debal Deb, who saved 920 varieties of rice with conventional methodes? I believe in alternative ways, what should inexpensive, what shouldn’t based only on inconceivable complex scientific research programs. I think, we cannot resolve a problem on the same level, so we cannot stop polluting our planet by only fossil-based new hi-technologies. 


  • Did You know about curry powder is a natural Ph indicator? I can use currypowder to check seawater Ph level instead of expensive laboratorical instruments.

Involve coastal - local people to make seaweed and mangrove plantations, educate them how its working, why it's so important, and how can they gain areas for fishing or farming on sustainable way (saving rainforests - because they can farm seaweed on sea for oil, instead planting palm trees), how can they act against climate change and acidification locally.


An alternative - Seaweed & Mangrove


Planting seaweeds and mangrove forests could be the main way to protect coral reefs.  I Think, making floating and anchored seaweed plantation on the open sea is a good idea. I will sail around the world to observe the nature, local cultures, learn from them, and learn from each other. I will research, and test all the possible way what can be practical for my objective. I will share the researched technologies with local communities, which are all researched technologies will be open-source.



How seaweed make the different


  •   Seaweed absorb five times more CO2 than trees

  •   To growing seaweed no need any agrochemicals and fertilizers

  •   Some seaweed can grow 61cm on a day!

  •   Seaweed can form an alternative to soya and fishmeal

  •   Seaweed is a super food! 

  •   Farming seaweed provide jobs

  •   Seaweed produces 10.000-gallon oil/acre (palm oil produce only 650!)



The way

To start my expedition, I need to equip a small, about 10meters long - a low cost maintainable sailboat. My research vessel will be my home, my sanctuary in the next years. Practical, because my fuel can be the wind, and I able to keep in touch with nature at days and nights. I plan seasteading, living on a small eco-foot printed way, independly from the consumer society as possible. Seasteading like Kenneth Neumeyer or Jay FitzGerald did it. Seasteading just like homesteading is a self-sufficient lifestyle. I would use as less modern technology as possible, but I have make compromises as well, because I have to use internet to communicating people, searching databases etc. Anyway, maybe i would use sextant, and paper charts, or maybe I would try the ancient traditional Polynesian navigation techniques?



 In other case, I would to be a cheap ocean going vessel for volunteers whoes would to travel instead of expensive and cerosin burner airplanes in the atlantic and mediterrian regions as destinations.