Sailing on small ecofootprint, exploring new perspectives for a sustanieable and happy world

 "Be the change you want to see in the world"


Ahoy Friend!


After more year eco-activism i'm decided to create an own project to make some of own idea to reality. By Inspired on Kenneth Neumeyer: Sailing the Farm, Bernard Moitessier: The long way, and a lot's of amazing people in the past and the present, and not for the last as some friends of mine.


I'm dreamed up a floating community research/explorer sailing boat expedition before years ago, what is able to navigatong to far away on small ecofootprint to sharing ideas, knowledge, help each others to build up a sustanieable lifestyle, try to find solutions ecological, social matters. Live together in harmony with our home: Planet Ocean.


Some of people settling down on a place, make eco-communities. But what happen, if this communities would to meet other communities to share skills in the phisical world? They have to travelling by airplane or car, or public transport. 


Sailing is probably the most ecofriendest way to reach far places, because the fuel is the wind, what is reneweable and free!