Join to the adventure, be a crew!


How you can be crew on the boat step by step guide:


You have two way to joint to the expedition.


You can be volunteer crew with sailing experience, or you can be a supporter crew with no experience.


First step:


  •  Choose how you would to join: volunteer crew or supporter crew. If you would join as volunteer crew, then you have to register yourself by a donation of 20GBP, and you have to fill out the application form as well. Registrations valid for 1 years.



 As supporter crew you no need any sailing experience. All person able to join to the boat, who have the right to stay in the EU ( valid visas + passport, what is valid least up to 6moths ), who completed  the application form & support the expedition with 200GBP/week.

 No any previous experience needed, but know how to swim. If you support the expedition more, as you can sailing more.


 As volunteer crew, you need explain your sailing experience, if you have - please attach a copy of your certificates, logbooks with nautical miles, with max windforces - signatured by the skipper. You have the right to stay in the EU ( valid visas + passport, what is valid least up to 6moths ). You have to paid your travel costs, and probably your own food - it's depend of your experience and and a written agreement between us. But you no need contribute any mooring fees, fuel or other else. You have to be able watchkeeping, checking engine, sail trimming, mooring the boat, cooking, maintaining/keeping tidy the boat - it's a 'working passage' for you.

 The boat have a limited space, and usualy only one volunteer can be on board at the same time. Sometimes no need any volunteers, sometimes need two or three persons - depend on the situation. The expedition have the right to choose the right volunteer who can come to the board.


Second step:


  • As supporter crew: find out which part of the tour interested you, check the "free places". You can choose longer periods as well.  Send a message to us by email with a subject "supporter crewing" ( at "CONTACT" )


  • As volunteer crew, send a message to us by email with a subject "volunteer crewing"


  • We will send an application form. Fill it up, and send it back to us. Then we send a conformation within a few days.


As supporter crew, you should make a deposit 30% of the full amount with until 30days before your trip. 






You can cancel your trip until three weeks* before the start with money back garantee**


Please let to know your intention as soon as possible!


* Exception: If you are a victim of an accident or similar situation. Then please ASAP send us the offical documents of the hospital/gov office to proof your (medical) condition!


** If you will cancel your trip, then we paid back your donations, except of registration fee.

If you don't cancel your trip until least three weeks to start, don't worry - you can choose an another trip in the future as you contributed.


Modify a trip:


You can modify your trip on the first time for free, and any time for 10GPB/modification extra administration fee. Please let to know your intention as soon as possible! You can choose from the free places later.


If you have any question, please contact us!



Thank You!



























Basicly we have:

  •  1 double berth in the cabin - V berth

  • 2 single berth in the "saloon"


1 berth for the skipper & 1 berth for the helmsman

is allways occupied.

So you can choose a single berth or the cabin - mean technically we have 2 berth for you.


We will not run a luxury charter boat, but a nomad sea gipsy expedition vessel, so keep it in your mind!

Other way, i think the freedom of sailing, simplicity, far away from the lifestyle of "rushing for money&carieer", taking free food from the sea as possible and cook it is a kind of luxury what i really like, and if you feel the same, then we can have an awesome adventure on board!


Most of the time we send the night is harbors, or we anchoring on a safe place.

Sometimes we do night sailings. Then we make watchkeeping by rota.

That mean, one helmsman is steering the boat, one watchkeeper is on her/hes eye to see things around the boat. The shift is sleeping/making tea.


 If we can buy the bigger boat, then we can have more berths/plenty space on board for sea kayaks...

What you should to bring:

leave at home your rigid travelbag, because we have not space on board to storaging it! use an inflatable one!

Long sleeved shirt ( white if possible ), a cap, suncream, a quality glassed sunglasses ( to protect your eyes ), white bottomed "deck-shoes" to care for the boat. 

trains & ferrys ( instead of kerosine burner planes )