Planned start:

May of 2015


The expedition able to set sails, as the boat is in a fair condition. You can make a push on it, just click on the BLUE BUTTON on the left and be our supporter by donation. As you support the expedition, you can join as crew!  Have a look at the JOIN US! section on the top, reserve a place, and come to live the adventures together!


 You can be a SPONSOR as well, please read more about sponsoration on the bottom of this page .....


 As we receiving enough amount for this project, then we step forward,  A proper sized second hand sailboat with 5-6 berths cost about 12000 GBP, and some more bucks for equipements.




 What happen, if we count just about 2000GBP until the spring? This have a possibility. Then we buy a smaller boat with 4 berths+heads (heads mean toilette in nautical english). To rent a boat is not an option, because the cost of the rental for more months can be on the same price or more as buy it! Have some smaller secondhand seaworthie boat around 2000 - 3000 GBP for sale on lower comfortlevel, and have some funds already... 





This expedition goal is make a difference forward to a sustainable world, what based on fair trading, environment friend open licensed technologies, communities, democracy, respecting of human rights. I will not promote any company, organization what destroying the nature, abuse or make violence on human rights and dignity, sexuality, racial or religious affiliation, or make ecocide. I will not washing to green any multinational corporations as well. Companies, like handmade bicycle manufactures, eco-communities,  ecofriend manufacturers/projects are welcomed as sponsor!


What we can give to our sponsors?

Why sponsoration is an investment?

Is about only money?


If You would to know more details about possible solutions and benefits, then please send us an email with subject "sponsoration".